Buying tickets for the key

Where can I buy tickets for my key?

The easiest way to buy tickets is online anytime of the day or night. Log into your account and follow the onscreen instructions. You can also visit one of our travel shops at Crawley Bus Station or Redhill Bus Station.

What tickets can I buy for my key?

- Metrovoyager tickets
- Metrorider tickets for Surrey, Crawley, Horsham and Redhill & Reigate areas
- Multi Trip tickets for Crawley, Horsham and Redhill & Reigate areas
- Horsham Park & Ride tickets
- Gatwick Travelcards for people working at Gatwick airport

How do I buy tickets online for use with the key?

You can buy tickets soon after ordering your key. Visit and make your ticket purchases from the 'my ticket' section. 

Can I have more than one ticket on my key?

Yes, in many cases you can buy mutiples of a ticket type. Your card can also hold different types of ticket such as day and week tickets. In these cases, the driver will ask which you which one you want to activate when you first use it. 

When do my ticket(s) start?

Your ticket(s) will sit on your card until you activate them by using the bus, so you don't need to give a start date when you buy them, except in the case of annual tickets.

Is it safe to buy tickets online and how is my information protected?

For your safety and assurance, our payment systems are regularly reviewed to ensure we are using the latest technology. Counter fraud services and encryption technology helps keep your payments secure. Personal information we hold in relation to your key, including your online key account, is protected using sophisticated encryption technology and is in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act making sure your personal information is secure. Only trained staff will have access to your data and we do not hold any permanent record of your card details when used for payment, for extra piece of mind.

I don’t have a bank card. Will I be able to buy tickets for my key?

If you don’t have a bank card you can still pay with cash for your tickets. If you want to pay by cash you can at one of our travel shops at Crawley Bus Station or Redhill Bus Station.

Do I need a new key card when my current ticket expires?

No, once you have your key then it can be either topped up online or at one of our travel shops located in Crawley Bus Station and Redhill Bus Station.

Once you have your key it will last for approximately 10 years which is the life of the card (applicable to adult key cards only). To look after the card simply keep it in your wallet and avoid bending it, the same as you would your bank cards.

How long does it take to load a new ticket onto my key?

When you buy a ticket online, it takes time to be available for use on our buses. If you purchase your ticket online it can be used up to 5 hours after the time of purchase. This excludes Annual tickets as these require a predetermined start date of at least 48 hours after the date of purchasing the product.

If you buy the product in one of our travel shops then the ticket can be used instantly.

How do I know the ticket has been loaded onto my key card successfully?

The key website will be able to confirm your purchase after it has been made and you will be able to view this in your purchase history. When you use your key on the bus the smart card reader will beep and show you a green light. This confirms that your ticket has been loaded onto your key and is valid for travel. If you get a red light ask the driver for help in the first instance, and, if you are still having problems after this you’ll need to give us a call on 01293 449191.

Why don't you just print a ticket expiry date on my key smartcard?

We don't print an expiry date on adult key cards as they are designed to be topped up and used again and again, making it more environmentally friendly than paper tickets. Child, Surrey Student and 3in1 keys will have an expiry date based on your age to verify your entitlement to the discounts offered*.
*Note: The expiry date of any ticket you purchase must end before the expiry date of your key card and relevant discount card.

Are there any charges for using my debit or credit card to buy online?

There are no additional charges for using a debit or credit card. You will only pay for the price of your ticket.

I have a discounted key card, can I load tickets onto it that expire after my key card and/or discount card expiry date?

No, the expiry date of the ticket you purchase must end before the expiry date of your key card and relevant discount card.