Metrobus keyWelcome to the key

A smarter way to travel with Metrobus

Now available on the key:

- Metrovoyager tickets
- Metrorider tickets for Crawley, Horsham and Redhill & Reigate areas
- Multi Trip tickets for Crawley, Horsham and Redhill & Reigate areas
- Horsham Park & Ride tickets
- Gatwick Travelcards for people working at Gatwick airport

When you top up your card online, your new ticket will be available to use on the bus within 5 hours of the purchase time. This excludes Annual tickets as these require a predetermined start date of at least 48 hours after the date of buying a product.  

Child 3in1 and Student 3in1 tickets have been withdrawn.  To find out about the alternatives that are available to you please follow these links - Child Fares or Student Fares

When you are collecting a product that you have purchased online please wait until the green light on the ticket machine shows before removing your card.

If you already have a key issued by one of our travel shops, you can get a password to log in to your account here.